Novus® Denture Liner

  • Novus® is a permanent resilient denture liner. Unlike all other resilient denture liners, Novus® does not harden like the plasticized acrylics and needs no periodic surface coating to restrict the migration of toxic plasticizers. It is passive to fungus overgrowth, requiring no periodic antimicrobial treatments, unlike the silicone and urethane materials, which frequently become fouled with subsurface and surface fungus after only a few months. Novus bonds well to acrylic denture bases without special adhesives and is surprisingly easy to grind, adjust, and polish with most rotary instruments.


    • Permanent resiliency over extended time
    • Bonds chemically to acrylic denture base resins
    • Processed, packed and cured using conventional lab processing procedures
    • Can be trial-packed
    • Can be molded around implant, bar and overdenture abutments
    • Resistant to fungal growth

    Whether it is a new denture or a reline of an existing denture, denture wearers will appreciate the long-term benefits of improved fit, function and comfort in their denture when Novus, Definitive Resilient Denture Liner is applied to their denture.


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